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Sep 10,  · Image via Wikipedia Globalization, the increasing integration and interdependence of domestic and overseas markets, has three sides: the good side, Author: Panos Mourdoukoutas. Nov 09,  · The Economist offers authoritative insight and opinion on international news, politics, business, finance, science, technology and the connections between them. Jul 29,  · Interdependence: Globalization leads to the interdependence between nations, which could cause regional or global instabilities if local economic fluctuations end up impacting a large number of countries relying on them. National Sovereignty: Some see the rise of nation-states, multinational or global firms, and other international organizations as a threat to sovereignty.

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Globalization is the free movement of goods, services article about globalization people across the world. In this article we discuss the meaning and importance of globalization. Read More. The article introduces the readers to the global article about globalization crisis which started in the summer Lets discuss the factors that were responsible for this crisis.

Lets understand the salient aspects of the global economy along with article about globalization structural features and the way in which several trends and factors influence the working of the global economy. The experience of the Indian economy in the aftermath of the global economic crisis has been mixed. Lets discuss the impact of the global economic crisis on India, article about globalization.

The benefits of globalization have reached a large proportion of humanity. We can say that globalization has indeed been a win-win game instead of being a zero sum game.

Globalization has ensured article about globalization all countries have the same entry level and there are no barriers to trade. Lets discuss the key drivers of globalization. Globalization can mean loss of livelihoods for the people who have lost their jobs because of it. Lets discuss the disadvantages of Globalization and how we can overcome them. According to many economists the Global Economy is article about globalization severe headwinds which can culminate in a - Global Perfect Storm, in the beginning of year The article discusses how globalization played a major role in spreading the effects of the global economic crisis across the world.

This article discusses the retreat of globalization in the years following the global shock of The key theme in this article is that while globalization is not over yet, it is not exactly shining and hence, the present situation resembles an impasse that would be with us for the near future.

The article discusses in detail about how the Lack of Regulation was one of the major cause for the global financial crisis. There is a close connection between economics and finance. Generally, recessions are caused due to a combination of both or the coming together of economic and financial factors. For a long time the global economy was divided into the developed West and the developing economies of Asia and Africa, article about globalization.

Lets understand the changes that have taken place in the global economy during the past few years. Derivatives are Financial Instruments that are derived from the value of the underlying asset. The article discusses the role of Derivatives in causing the Global Financial Crisis.

There was too much debt in the global economy and when the payments came due and the tipping point was reached, article about globalization, the entire global economy almost crashed. Lets discuss how debt causes global economi crisis. The article discusses important points which states that the Indian economy is on a downward spiral and unless urgent steps are taken to revive the economy, we might be headed for a severe recession. The economic crisis was spread across the world mainly due to the tight integration of the global economy, article about globalization.

The article discusses in detail about the future of globalization in the aftermath of the economic crisis, article about globalization. Globalization is widely credited with bringing prosperity to Asian countries.

Lets understand the effect of globalization on the young aisan workforce. Trickle Down Theory states that wealth which is created at the top level, trickles down to the bottom of the ladder. Lets understand the relationship between globalization and trickle down theory in detail. The ongoing economic crisis has seen widely varying responses that still had some commonalities in their response, article about globalization. This article discusses the responses to the crisis from different countries by examining the examples of different countries in the world.

Many countries across the globe are resorting to austerity and fiscal discipline as a means to deal with the economic crisis, article about globalization. This article discusses the economic conundrum of unemployment and austerity that is haunting the west. The key theme in this article is that without growth, there are no jobs and there is no growth with austerity leading to a situation where the policymakers have to decide whether they would want to pursue austerity or whether they want to grow.

This article discusses the machinations of article about globalization global investors, which we term the article about globalization herd, which like a herd of predators is always on the lookout for the maximum returns. The key theme in this article is that global capital is country blind and is not swayed by sentiments or emotions and instead, article about globalization, is driven entirely by profits.

The economic problems of the last few decades have created severe problems related to debt, environmental destruction and depletion of resources, and article about globalization inequalities. The key theme in this article is that all of these three problems are interrelated and the solution to these problems lies in living sustainably. The historical article about globalization of the present global economic crisis lie in the decision of the United States to withdraw from the gold standard in This article discusses this event and the repercussions of the same that are being felt to this day.

The article about globalization theme in this article is that the solution to the present crisis is through a return to the gold standard and a new Bretton Woods kind of agreement among the nations of the world. This article discusses the need to use the present crisis as an opportunity to set right the wrongs of capitalism that have got us into this mess, article about globalization. This article uses the metaphor of a bee that creates wealth and the locusts that destroy wealth to emphasize the fact that we must get rid of the locusts and give more chance to the bees so that future generations benefit.

This article outlines the reasons for India to embark on another round of reforms in the same way that was done in The global economic recovery is faltering because consumers are paying down their existing debts, saving for future crises, and are generally shying away from the kind of binge consumerism of the last two decades.

When salary hikes and bonuses are cut down and even layoffs being the norm, article about globalization, individuals would focus on the existing debt and saving for a rainy day instead of consumption because of which growth is elusive and hence, article about globalization, the global economic recovery is faltering. This report evaluates the attractiveness article about globalization the emerging markets to western investors and assesses the challenges of doing business in those countries.

The key themes in this report are that despite the many challenges inherent to the emerging markets, they represent a valuable investing opportunity. This article provides a financial analysis of the sin article about globalization. It explains how these industries are profitable for a handful of people while being detrimental to the interest of society at large. This report assesses and evaluates the current hydrocarbon based fuel regime or the oil driven global energy paradigm by considering its limitations in the future and evaluating the opportunities and challenges in transitioning to a new energy paradigm.

The key theme in this report is that time is running out for us to transition and if the future generations have to have a lifestyle that is at least similar to ours or if not better, the need to transition becomes that much more urgent. This report examines the changing world of work in the 21st century and dissects what the trends shaping work in contemporary times mean for employers and workers.

The key theme of this report is that the brave new world of work while exciting and enticing at the same time needs to be understood in the proper context and taken advantage of if one has to succeed in these competitive and fast-paced work arrangements. Apart from this, this report examines how the rise of the internet is revolutionizing the way work is done in the global economy. Because of the convergence of globalization, technology, article about globalization, outsourcing, and the deepening economic downturn, work is no longer, what it used to be traditionally.

Newer forms of work are emerging and in the marketplace of tomorrow, those who are faster, lighter, article about globalization, nimbler, and agile would win the day. This report examines these trends in a detailed and incisive manner and provides some insights into how the future of work might shape up. The focus article about globalization this report is on providing the students and professionals with guideposts on how they can navigate the changing world of work.

This report evaluates and assesses the growth prospects in the emerging markets of Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria, and Turkey MINTs and analyzes whether they can replace the original emerging markets of Brazil, Russia, India, and China in the portfolios of global investors. The key themes in this report are that one has to take a hard headed and sober assessment of the opportunities and the challenges in each of these groupings and one has to be circumspect before the decision is made.

This report presents these themes in an evenhanded manner. The report also focuses on how global capital is always in search of yields and returns and this is the bottom line for any investor. This report explains what is meant by impact investing and analyzes the challenges and opportunities for this emerging trend. Impact investing is all about making profits while doing social good, which means that unlike the much-hated corporations that exploit the environment and render social inequities, firms that are impact investment oriented ensure that they return profits and at the same time do not impose costs on society.

This is the key theme in this report, which also lists some firms that are driven by impact investments and have been successful as well. This article discusses the impact of the ageing of the western societies on article about globalization healthcare systems and the broader economy. The key theme in this article is that the shock of gray or the increase in the number of retirees would add to the strain of the already stressed out healthcare systems in the west as well as causing a double whammy of declining contributions from the retirees and increasing outlays for their healthcare.

This article article about globalization and contrasts the healthcare systems around the world by examining the various healthcare systems in the West and the East. The key theme in this article is that healthcare is too critical a sector to be left to the private sector and hence, in the interests of social welfare and social justice, the governments across the world must provide for healthcare of their citizens.

This article explains the common pitfalls of the Canadian health care system, article about globalization. The article describes that even though Canada provides free health care for all its patients, the quality of such healthcare is severely compromised.

This article discusses the emerging phenomenon of medical tourism and analyzes its implications for the Asian countries that are at the forefront of this phenomenon. Article about globalization key theme in this article is that given the overburdened and overpriced article about globalization to mention the decline in medical care in the west, the Asian countries offer better advantages, which are also lucrative given that the westerners pay in hard currency.

This article discusses the benefits of automation of the value chain activities in the healthcare sector. The key theme in this article is that automation is especially crucial in the healthcare sector as human lives are impacted in a direct manner.

This article examines the healthcare sectors from around the world to substantiate the key themes in this article. This article discusses the sad article about globalization of affairs in the healthcare systems around the world that have become more expensive article about globalization at the same time, with governments cutting down on social spending is leading to a dire situation. The key theme in this article is that the private sector has an important role to play in ensuring a healthier workforce which is a more productive workforce and which leads to wealthier societies.

This article discusses the need for accountability in the Healthcare sector in countries around the world.

The article first defines what accountability is, delineates the scope, then compares, and contrasts how accountability is practiced in the healthcare sectors in the United States and other regions in the world. This article discusses the implications of the passage of the Health Care Reform Act of in the United States and its implications for the future of affordable and universal healthcare.

The key theme in this article is that thought the bill in its present form is far from perfect, nonetheless, it addresses several shortcomings of the Health Care System in the US especially where the poor and the less privileged are concerned. This is the use of EHRs article about globalization Electronic Health Records for storing and retrieving patient information across the healthcare supply chain, article about globalization.

This article article about globalization the benefits and the issues that the use of EHRs entails to the healthcare community. The key take away from this article is that the healthcare sector would usher in greater transparency and accountability through the use of the EHRs.

This article provides an explanation as to why the healthcare system in the United States is expensive. It lists down the factors and explains how they contribute to the rising expenditure. This article discusses the three problems of high current account deficit, falling rupee, article about globalization, and rampant inflation and what they mean for the Indian economy.

This article argues that the healthcare sector must cater to everyone instead of only to those who can afford the treatment, article about globalization. The key theme in this article is that investment in the healthcare sector ensures the development of a healthy and productive workforce that in turn enhances the social and article about globalization capital of the country, which leads to faster economic development.

This article discusses how health insurance works around the world and the role of the state in providing healthcare and health insurance. Further, the other aspect that is discussed in this article is that wherever the state cannot guarantee free healthcare of high article about globalization, it must make provisions so that citizens are subsidized for the treatment in private hospitals. This article discusses the graying of societies in the west or the shock of gray and its implications for the healthcare sectors in these countries.


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Globalization is the free movement of goods, services and people across the world. In this article we discuss the meaning and importance of globalization. Read More. The Global Economic Crisis. The article introduces the readers to the global economic crisis which started in the summer Lets discuss the factors that were responsible for. May 06,  · A story in the Washington Post said “20 years ago globalization was pitched as a strategy that would raise all boats in poor and rich countries alike. In Author: Mike Collins. Letters: Investor-state dispute settlement is a threat to human rights, health and the environment, say representatives of trade unions, charities and faith groups.